We Are VBC

Virtual Business Card

VBC ® works thanks to NFC Technology, in a single tap it opens your contact informations on the recipient's device, making it possible to easily save them and to interact with the additional content you've uploaded on it.


VBC is co-founded, as a brand, by Enrico Poli and Matteo Noferi. VBC was born in Monaco as a project to develop in 2016. While developing the project we’ve found that, at that time, technology was not ready to create a product for everyone. In may 2021 we’ve decided, since digitalization has grown and more modern and affordable smartphones are on the market, to put our idea back in the market. VBC is born with the goal to be a business-orientated product, so its functions are. Back in the days, while developing the first concept in 2016, we’ve been with the idea of creating a business tool that was a business card from one side, and a marketing vehicle on the other. The whole concept has been firstly designed by people who both have experience in technologies and business. VBC includes features like direct interactions with existent social media platforms, interactions with Whatsapp, the capability to upload links and attachments. That results in a tool that allows everyone to bring his business information directly in his wallet without the need of sending further emails to share information after exchanging the business cards. During the first months of activities, the product evolved thanks to all the feedback from our early-stage users. Today VBC has become a business tool with a complete environment, who is continuously evolving. Since one of our goals has always been to reduce the usage of paper, and global pollution in general, all the infrastructure has been projected to be sustainable.